#Recover variables after a cell in a python notebook fails After python lost connexion with my browser (here safari) while using Jupyter notebook

WebSocket ping timeout after 91539 ms

I wanted to recover some variables like a dictionary. I should have use the try: except: protocole but I did not so I end up with a notebook not working and variables that I was not able to get back. Here is a solution that worked for me:

1) I interrupted the kernel

Kernel interrupted: d3d55f0d-52f1-4660-a43b-1fedb698452f

(I got the address of the kernel. Note that it is different from the Kernel address when it started: f757186e-0570-467a-918e-934bb48dee45)

2) I went to the terminal and typed:

$ ipython console --existing d3d55f0d-52f1-4660-a43b-1fedb698452f.json

This opened an ipython consol (you can replace ipython with jupyter)

3) I listed all the local variables to check that my dictionary was in there:


I was pretty happy to see my variable dict_final in the list.

4) then I pickle.dump my dictionary in the consol:

import pickle
filename = 'dict_final.p'
with open(filename, "wb") as f:
    pickle.dump(dict_final, f)

5) Once my variable has been pickled down, I can load it in any other notebook where I want to use it via (in a notebook):

import pickle
filename = 'dict_final.p'
with open(filename, "r") as f:
    pickle.load(dict_final, f)